Current Contracts

State and Local Government Agency Contracts

Starting in 1996, Sierra diversified our business focus by offering our IT and systems capabilities to local government agencies, supplementing our military systems development capabilities. Since that time, we have established a solid reputation for providing software development and temporary IT staffing throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties, including the following clients and contracts.

Military Contracts

Sierra has been providing software, systems integration, and test support for military applications continuously since 1981 for the US Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy.

United States Air Force

Flight range software instrumentation and long range camera development for Edwards Air Force Base.

United States ARMY

Enhanced Position Location and Reporting System (EPLRS) technical and operational test data reduction and analysis with 3-D map displays
Downsized EPLRS Display Console Replacement (DCCR) real-time tactical display software.
Downsized EPLRS DCCR Trainer.

United States Marine Corps

JTIDS Network Control Facility Simulation Support
Automated Information Systems-Logistics Software Sustainment Analysis
PLRS test support for live tests at multiple military bases in CONUS, featuring EW signal analysis on 3-D terrain maps
PLRS enhancements and tactical integration projects

United States Navy

GCCS/JMCIS software application development
First DOD accredited tactical trusted real-time software system
Intelligence gathering and analysis software
MK-92 Fire Control System maintenance software
Training of Subject Matter Instructors

Today, we offer support to the US Navy under four contracts.

Maintenance Advisor Expert System (MAES)
Subject Matter Instructor Training (SMI)
4I Systems Integration and Operational Support